Unleash Your Inner Ghoul: Top Halloween Makeup Tips

Unleash Your Inner Ghoul: Top Halloween Makeup Tips

It’s that spooky time of year again when ghouls, ghosts, and witches come out to play! Halloween is the perfect opportunity to transform yourself into a creature of the night, a mythical being, or your favorite pop culture/movie character.

However, creating the perfect Halloween look requires more than just a costume; it’s all about the makeup! To help you achieve the spookiest, sexiest, or most unique look yet, Aubrie’s Beauty Workshop is here to help with the top Halloween makeup tips for this season.

Start with a Clean Canvas

Before you unleash your inner ghoul, make sure your face is clean and ready for makeup application. Start by cleansing your face and applying a good moisturizer to create a smooth base for your makeup. This will also help your makeup adhere better and prevent clogged pores. 

Choose the Right Makeup

Not all makeup is created equal. For Halloween, it is important to invest in high-quality makeup products that won’t smudge or melt away. We suggest waterproof and long-lasting makeup options. Cream-based makeup is excellent for creating vibrant detailed looks. Face paint can also be effective as it can cover large areas effectively.

Plan Your Look

Think carefully about your Halloween character or theme and plan your makeup accordingly. Create a mood board or gather reference images to help guide your makeup design. Having a clear plan will help you save time and frustration.

Experiment with Colors

Halloween is the time to experiment with bold and unusual colors. Don’t be afraid to use vibrant eyeshadows, lipsticks, and face paints to bring your character to life. Consider using color wheel principles to create a contrasting and eye-catching color combination.

Layer and Blend

The key to a stunning Halloween makeup look is layering and blending. This really brings the makeup and costume all together! Build up your makeup gradually, starting with a light base and adding more depth and detail as you go. Use brushes and sponges to blend colors seamlessly for a professional finish.


Don’t wait until the night of your party to apply your makeup look for the first time. Practice your makeup application and look beforehand to perfect the technique and make necessary adjustments. This will help you feel more confident when you are ready to apply for the real deal!

Set Your Makeup

After completing your look, set your makeup with a setting spray or translucent powder to keep it in place throughout the night. This step is especially important if you plan to dance, eat, or enjoy other festive activities!

Halloween Fun with Aubrie’s Beauty Workshop

Halloween is the perfect time to let your imagination run wild and have fun with makeup. With these tips, you will be well-prepared to create a truly memorable look for the season! Our team at Aubrie’s Beauty Workshop is here to help you with any makeup product or applications you may have!

In addition to having fun this Halloween, we want to share with all of you a special treat! When you purchase makeup from us from now through November 16, you can use the special discount code: PITTSBURGHLIVE to receive 10% off of your purchase. Even better, we will be donating a portion of your proceeds to the Turkey Fund to support a great cause!

Together we can make a difference!


While Halloween makeup can be a fantastic way to express creativity and embrace the spirit of the season, it’s essential to prioritize your skin’s health and safety. Always use makeup products that are intended for use on the skin and test a small area for any adverse reactions before applying it to your entire face. Remove your Halloween makeup carefully to avoid skin irritation or breakouts. If you have sensitive skin or known allergies, consult a dermatologist before using new makeup products.

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